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Anthony LoPinto Anthony LoPinto Founder SelectLeaders, LLC

Anthony LoPinto, a Real Estate exclusive Executive Search Consultant, brought together Real Estate’s premier professional associations and media company. A jobsite was envisioned to provide one, industry-wide career destination to attract, the highest caliber talent into careers in Real Estate.

This unique alliance – SelectLeaders Real Estate Job Network, was launched in 2002. Its distinctive advantage remains: members of the Professional Associations in our Network control, or direct, over 90% of U.S. Commercial Real Estate. Talent comes from 12 real estate exclusive sites, and jobs are posted on all 12 sites, creating unparalleled value, and unequalled access to the real estate community.


Our column prides itself on not becoming a bully pulpit, ranting political rhetoric or taking stands on the political scene—of course except for a jab or two at the pork barrel in Washington that...


After the “great recession” common wisdom was that college graduates were going to be relegated to flipping hamburgers in coffee shops because jobs were just not available and the future looked...


I’ve been laying low on the inversion issue that pops up from time to time when global firms make a deal to merge—such as the big daddies Johnson Controls and Tyco International, who are set to...


According to conventional definition, an activist shareholder is one using an equity stake in a corporation to put public pressure on its management. The goals of activist shareholders range from...


It is truly incredible that the Powerball Lottery tomorrow evening will likely approach $1.5 billion, which testifies to the long odds of winning the prize. The exceptional prize level also testifies...



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